Buy UK driving licence 2022

Buy UK driving license

From this moment in 2022, you can buy UK driving licence as a non UK citizens,

If you’re planning a road trip to Italy, it’s essential you’re fully prepared ahead of time as driving there has many differences to the UK.

To make your trip to the Continent as safe and effortless as possible, we’ve put together a guide to everything you need to know before you go, from required documents to rules of the road.

Driving in UK as a non UK citizens

The rules are easy for visitors to the United Kingdom who don’t live here. If you don’t have a permanent UK address, you’re entitled to drive any small vehicle (defined as a car or motorcycle) for 12 months from when you last entered the country.

Obviously, this is only allowed if you have the relevant entitlements from your home country where the licence was issued.

If you have a valid European driving licence, you can also drive any type of vehicle listed on it beyond the standard ‘small vehicles’. Buy UK driving licence in EU.

Those from outside of the EU have different rules around driving buses and lorries: you can only drive them here if the vehicle is foreign registered and you’ve actually driven the into the UK yourself.

UK residents with non-UK licences

Once you are considered a UK resident, the rules are a little more complicated. You’re classed as living here if you have a permanent address in Great Britain that you’ve lived in for at least 185 days.

At this point you do not have to write exams or do driving test, we are here to help for documentation process. Buy driving license without test

Reason you can exchange your driving licence are;

  • If your licence is lost, stolen or damaged
  • After 2 years of usual residence, if you have a driving licence with an indefinite validity period (only if this is required by the national authorities in the country where you live)
  • You commit a traffic offence in the country where you live
  • Buy Irish drivers license as a UK citizens

Buy UK driving licence 2022

Since 1 January 2021 the UK driving licence has been updated so that it now shows a UK symbol in the top left corner – in place of the previous EU Flag – and a Union flag on the right-hand side, in the middle.

Buy UK driving licence 2022

All of the other lines remain unchanged, but it’s good to know what the information on your licence actually means and why it’s important to keep an eye on it, buy UK driving licence as a non UK citizens

What do the codes on a driving licence mean?

  • 1 shows your family name
  • 2 shows your first names
  • 3 shows your date of birth and which country you were born in
  • 4a shows when your licence is valid from
  • 4b shows when your licence is valid until
  • 4c shows who issued your licence
  • Line 5 displays your driving licence number, which is made up of a mixture of your family name, date of birth and some random code. But it’s not that simple…

The first 5 letters are from your family name, unless there’s not that many letters in your name in which case any shortfall will be filled by a 9.

Then comes your date of birth, however the numbers are in a different format to the norm so if you were born on 24 March 1976 it would read as 703246, unless you’re a female then the month identifier at position 2 will have 5 added to it, so March will show as 53 and November would show as 61.

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