Buy Driving license without test in UK

In 2023, You can buy driving license without test in UK

We have come to realize that procuring a driving license is of utmost importance as discussed in the following points. Our service will be highly advantageous for those enthusiasts who have trouble managing anxiety associated with taking driving tests. With us, you can buy driving license without test in UKHow can I get a driving licence without test

• With a driver’s license, you are ready to hit the road ‘legally’

• It identifies you as a license driver

The first and most important purpose of your driving license is to notify law enforcement personnel that you have obtained your driving license in the state in which you reside and you are also legally allowed operating a motor vehicle. Customers can buy UK driving license online.

  • It Symbolizes your ‘Identity’
  • Certain designations ask for it too
  • Shows awareness about the Traffic Rules
  • Lighten the burden of Risk
  • Independence

How to get UK driving License without test – Where to buy a real driving License online

We will help you get a UK driving license legally

One of the main reasons to buy driving license without test in UK is that, no need to take driving courses

There is no point in attending a driving school and paying course fees, especially if you already have hands-on experience and skills. Where can i buy driver’s License without driving test

Good way to save your time

Unlike state programs, it won’t take months to get a driver’s license. Provide us with some of your personal details and be sure to obtain your document in no time. Reasonable step to avoid test stress

How can I get a driving license without test

Everyone loves to own a car and to drive freely to clubs, school hospitals, etc. but we are skeptical if we will be able to have a good score for the permit test even without studying?.

Here we have some good news for you you need not worry anymore because we can give you a good rate and score for your driver’s license test even if you don’t seat for the exams. So you need not worry anymore.

How to pass your driving test first time
  1. Practice driving a lot – then practice some more. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. …
  2. Know what to expect in your driving test. …
  3. Learn from other people’s mistakes. …
  4. Visit the driving test centre before your test. …
  5. Prepare to the hilt. …
  6. Breathe through your nerves.

The DVLA is currently experiencing delays for processing paper driving licences – so people could be waiting a while to get their new one sent out.

While there are no delays for online applications, paper applications are experiencing a backlog which is being tackled in blocks.

Despite this, drivers are still required to update their licence for a variety of reasons such as when their permanent address changes or changes in health that could impact driving ability.

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Fortunately, Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act sets out a list of situations where you can continue driving while waiting for your licence to be returned by the DVLA, as the Daily Record reports.

It’s important to be familiar with this law as you may need to recall it while your licence is being processed.

For instance, there are very specific criteria that must be met in order for Section 88 to apply to drivers.

You will need to supply at least the following, although other documents may be demanded:

  • A copy of your driving licence, printed in colour, reverse and back;
  • A copy of your main passport page;
  • Recent utility bill as proof of address;
  • A copy of proof of residence in France for at least six months, eg, visa, tax return, social security certificate, employment contract, business registration certificate;
  • Copy of penalty decision concerning your licence if this applies.
  • Send copy of your marriage certificate (female applicants);
  • A certificate of entitlement (driving record) from DVLA under 3 months old.

You can get a certificate of entitlement several ways.

i. You can make application by completing Certificate of Entitlement (driving record) and sending it to the DVLA. This is often the slowest route.

ii. You can use the DVLA Web Chat service, although some patience and slight cunning is needed to get through.

iii. An even quicker way of getting your DVLA licence summary using the UK government ‘check code’ service provided your licence has not expired. It gives access to your driving licence record, which you can download.

You can do that at View or share your driving licence information. You need to have licence number, national insurance number and post-code on licence ready. And also you need to click on the tab to share your licence information and then click “create a code”,

which then goes to a link to access your driving licence record. At the top of the page you click on ‘Save or print this licence’.

Save it and upload it to your driving licence application. You can also use the Chat service to get a code. How can I get a driving licence without test

Buy driving license without test in UK

Bear in mind however that in theory, DVLA rules in the UK don’t allow licences to be registered to foreign addresses . However if you are resident in France and don’t have an official address in the UK, and can’t swap your license as the above criteria don’t apply you can/should contact the DVLA and let them know that you have left the country.

You may be required to undergo a medical examination, as the (older) UK driving licence normally covers vehicles where such a medical examination is obligatory (C and D).

You will need to find a doctor accredited by the prefecture to undertake the examination, who cannot be your local GP.

Local GP surgery should be able to point you in the right direction, or contact the prefecture. How can I get a driving licence without test – Buy UK DVLA driving License Online

The exam is fairly routine and quick – an eye test and blood pressure. Cost €380 not reimbursable. It is also possible to avoid the examination by making a declaration that you will not drive heavy goods vehicles.

It is not unusual for application documents submitted to be rejected, either because they are not clear enough, the date range is not satisfactory, or they are not adequate proof.

Buy UK DVLA driving license online – How can I get a driving licence without test

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